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(2023) Site specific, multimedia, installation dance project focused on gender, self expression, and the surveillance of queer bodies. Choreographed, directed, and performed in collaboration with Saharla Vetsch. Through the use of old TVs and camcorders that cast projections of the live dance from different perspectives,  the project manipulated the audience's visual perspective and encouraged the audience to engage with the project as active participants. The piece was choreographed in the lobby of CounterPulse, using mezzanines, under stair nooks, and street side windows to explore urban space and identity. The audience was invited to follow the dancers and move throughout the space during the performance. 

2023 San Francisco Trolley Dances
Epiphany Dance Theater

(2023) Site specific dance performance with Epiphany Dance Theater at the Fisherman's and Seaman's Memorial Chapel at Fisherman's Wharf.

(2023) Choreographed and performed contemporary dance and trapeze focused on longing, release, and return for a music video with band, Thrown Out Bones.

Ollalie Lackler, SafeHouse Arts Residency

(2023) Contemporary dance collaboration exploring queer relationships, connectivity, and internal and external limitations. Presented at SafeHouse Arts RAW Residency and Performance Primers.

(2022) Four day performance installation directed by Joanna Haigood, located in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. The cathedral's stunning gothic design provided a unique and profound site for exploration of faith, community, and the show's theme Love. The incredible props designed by Wayne Campbell and Sean Riley included an anchored 100 foot ladder and 70-foot swinging pendulum. Collaborators on the project included composer Walter Kitundu, master rigger David Freitag, lighting designers Norm Schwab and Krissy Kenny of Lightswitch, and dancers Veronica Blair, Suzanne Gallo, Nina Sawant, Saharla Vetsch, Helen Wicks. Learn more about the show here.